Monday, April 15, 2013

DC Raffle

Our young historical tourists have the opportunity to enter our first ever DC raffle this week as we raise a little money for our service learning project.  Here are the exciting items ...

Ms. Barth will fund a trip to a candy counter for you and your roommates, either while we are out and about or while we're hanging out at the hotel.

Ms. Altman will be your personal shopper, delivering snacks of your choice to your room during one of the evenings at the hotel for you and your roommates.

Mr. Mussoline will put together a video documentary of the trip. The video will be about 5-7 minutes long with highlights of all the places that were visited. 

Mr. Schwieters will spring for ice cream at the one of the food courts for the winner and a friend.

Want to see Mr. Strains expand his wardrobe beyond what he usually wears, which let's face it,  rarely matches anyway?  Mr. Strains will wear a t-shirt of your choosing for one entire day in DC.   The shirt can be something you had laying around the house, or even something you made yourself.  You are limited only by your own creativity...and Mr. Strains's shirt size (medium).  

After a long day sightseeing, it's nice to put your feet up, relax and drink a nice ice-cold soda. Mrs. E will provide you and your roommates your choice of sodas from the hotel vending machines on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. 

Taft loves souvenirs – especially the cheesy ones you can find around Ford’s Theater.  On Tuesday of the trip, he will get your room a set of matching goofy DC hats or t-shirts to wear for the rest of time.

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