Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday in DC - One awesome stop after another

It was smooth sailing all day in DC … and you wouldn’t believe how much we did.  We started with a delicious dinner at the Hard Rock café, complete with a serenade of Mr. Schwieters in his 29th birthday.  Ford’s Theater was out next stop, along with the Petersen Hose for some and souvenir shopping for others.  Hopefully you heard some of our reflections from the National Gallery of Art before lunch.  We checked out the American History Museum (couldn’t miss the Star Spangled Banner, could we?) and then to the emotional Holocaust Memorial Museum.  After a walking tour of the crowded MLK, FDR, and TJ Memorials, we headed to Nationals Park to see the Nats take on the Cardinals.  Bill Taft lost the Presidents race, unfortunately.  All in all, it was a fantastic day and our young historical tourists are doing a fine job!  You can check out all of the Tuesday pics here, or check a few out on the slideshow!

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